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Taking image-guided therapy to the next level

CERTIS THERAPEUTICS has developed  minimally invasive therapy solutions based on real-time MRI guidance.

The company is a spinoff from IHU Liryc  (Bordeaux, France), a leading international institute focused on better understanding and treating cardiac electric disorders.


Our technology aims to improve both the efficacy and the safety of thermal ablation treatments.

The ideal treatment precisely fits the boundaries of the targeted area.

Lack of monitoring and control tools limits the performance of thermal ablation. It leads to uncompleted and useless treatments or unintentional destruction of healthy tissues.

Certis Therapeutics Solutions

CERTIS THERAPEUTICS develops software and hardware devices to deliver thermal energy with unprecedented accuracy. 

What We Do

How we developing minimally invasive therapies solutions

Real-Time MRI Guidance

We use conventional 1,5 and 3 T MRI scanners and implement dedicated real time and thermometry acquisition sequences.


We develop software for fast image reconstruction and 3D real time temperature mapping including movement corrections. We also work on software API to communicate with scanners, monitoring devices and ablation devices.


We work with off-the-shelf ablation devices. We also develop disruptive ablation devices designed to achieve conformational (shape-free) and accurate ablation.


We are thermal technique agnostic. Our technology applies to radiofrequencies, microwaves, laser and focused ultrasound thermal ablation.

Multi-organs pathologies

Certis Therapeutics unique technology can handle organs as mobile as the heart and the liver and has been applied in academic research to various pathologies including cancer, cardiac arrythmias and neurological disorders.

Workflow Maniacs

We know that the most advanced technology without an appropriate clinical workflow is useless. We study every detail to provide our medical users with maximum usability, safety, and efficiency.